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How The Wheel Turns – It’s All In The Heart

Rolling Stones Pendant

With the game of poker enjoying popular resurgence these days, many players who have been playing the game for years and who love the game deeply are finding ways to symbolize their fondness for poker by wearing luxury jewelry items.

The impact of poker in the lives of avid players can be compared to the influence of certain movies to film enthusiasts. With this in mind, this exquisite jewelry piece is a beloved symbol of poker that can be worn proudly.

This delightfully beautiful piece, designed and created by expert craftsmen, features all card suits artfully engraved around a gold band. The suits are in their original colors – red hearts and diamonds, and black clubs and spades. The special feature of this gold band is that it spins.  On top of the gold band is a diamond-encrusted heart.  As the gold band rotates, various suits alternately get featured within the diamond heart. Just like a game of poker, spinning the gold band and getting the suit inside the heart is a game of chance. When you spin the band, there is a chance that one suit gets inside the heart.  It is fun to see which suit is seen within the heart when the spinning stops.

All the materials used for this piece are guaranteed top-quality. The gold and diamonds were sourced from top industry suppliers.  This beautiful jewelry is brought to us by Alita Jewels, Ltd. This is part of the All-In Collection, with a vision of manufacturing high-class poker-inspired jewelry, especially handcrafted straight from a blueprint in their jewelry design center.

Alita Jewels LTD designs are protected by US and international patents.  It is manufactured using state-of-the-art processes by a professional team of experts. The clever concept behind this particular jewelry item is guaranteed to be a top seller.

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