The online store presents a variety of rings, watches, bracelets, earrings, pendants and cufflinks all decorated with card suits figures.

Furthermore Alita Jewels Ltd. which is also the manufacturer, offers custom made jewelry and of course personalization by engraving on all items.

Many poker enthusiasts consider poker as a game of skill or even an art and the jewelry confirms this belief.

For them, poker themed jewelry is more than a dress accessory and it may very well become a guild icon, or a trade symbol. “Poker professionals unwillingly found themselves recently in

the middle of the internet gambling law turmoil, a turbulence they felt does not relate to them. They may find some recompense in our products,” says the CEO.

Entering the website one immediately feels the theme of professional poker with the poker table background and the view of card suits symbols which naturally blend with each

of the fine jewels.

The website is designed for usability and is very simple to navigate. The jewels are presented in clear enlargeable images, each with a short description and additional viewing angles.

Browsing the site is a joy and fills the viewer with love for beauty and appreciation of the game.