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Ring Sizing

If you don’t know your ring size, we have a simple method for us to know the size to make your ring.
Get a non-stretchy string or paper about 6″ (15.25 cm) long and 1/4″ (0.75 cm) wide.

Wrap around the base of your finger. It has to fit snug, but not too tight.

Mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps forming a circle.

Measure the length of the string/paper in inches or cm. That is the measurement we need.

You can also use the Ring Sizer PDF download file as shown on the right side of this page.

Ring finger measuring tips:

Make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature — fingers can shrink or expand according to the weather.

Remember your ring has to slide over your knuckle and if this is much larger than your finger’s base, take two separate measurements and choose a size in between.

Your ring has to fit over your knuckle, but should not be too loose as it will turn around.

Chain Length Chart

16″~40cm Necklace

Fits most like a choker

17″~42cm Necklace

Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman, it will hit your collarbone while for plus size women it might feel more like a choker.

18″~45cm Necklace

A common choice for women that will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. This length is popular for adding pendants which will hang over a crew neck.

20″~50cm Necklace

Will fall a few inches below the collarbone and allow a little more breathing room. Perfect for a low,

plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck.

How to Care

Caring for Your Diamonds

A diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Although your diamond is incredibly durable, it can still be chipped by a strong blow to an edge. Never wear your diamond while doing rough work…

While chlorine and bleach won’t harm your diamond, they can damage or discolor the mounting. Always remove your diamond jewelry before using any chemicals.

Do have your ring checked and cleaned at least once a year. For everyday light cleaning use a baby toothbrush and warm sudsy water in a bowl (never over the sink).

Don’t leave your ring on the rim of a sink when you remove it to wash your hands. It can easily slip down the drain.

Store your diamond jewelry separately because diamonds can scratch other jewelry or each other.

The packing of your diamonds and other precious pieces for travel should be given care. There are many types of carry-alls, specially designed for jewelry travel, available in all price ranges. They come in all sizes, shapes and patterns. Most have velvet pads inside to attach pins and earrings, and special compartments for bracelets and necklaces.

Caring for Your Jewelry

Store jewelry separately so it doesn’t scratch other jewelry

When doing household tasks such as gardening and cleaning, be certain to remove rings.

Put your jewelry on after washing and applying any makeup/hair spray.

Take off jewelry before swimming in a swimming pool. The chlorine can cause damage to various gemstones and gold.

Before doing high impact sports take off your jewelry as you may scratch the gold.


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