The Ace Of Your Choice

A ring to make you more than just a king, a bright and clever combination of goldsmiths’ skills and diamond cutting. The unique square princess-cut diamond in the center is set in a four-sided exquisitely engraved mount; each of the surfaces has one of the four aces etched expertly into the gold.

Guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world.

This astounding ring is so special and unique that it is now available in King, Queen and Jack versions allowing you to surprise your partner with a matching ring individualized to suit their own personal desires


The Circle Of Love

It’s exquisite, it’s ultra-luxurious, it’s definitely you. As you’ve waited so long for a diamond, make it spectacular and you can’t be more sensational than this. An extraordinary 18k white gold graceful band, laden with round diamonds, amounting to a full dazzling one carat total weight, give this ring an incomparable elegance.

Wrap yourself in luxury, on your wedding day.

Rolling Stones Pendant

How The Wheel Turns – It’s All In The Heart

With the game of poker enjoying popular resurgence these days, many players who have been playing the game for years and who love the game deeply are finding ways to symbolize their fondness for poker by wearing luxury jewelry items.

The impact of poker in the lives of avid players can be compared to the influence of certain movies to film enthusiasts. With this in mind, this exquisite jewelry piece is a beloved symbol of poker that can be worn proudly.

This delightfully beautiful piece, designed and created by expert craftsmen, features all card suits artfully engraved around a gold band. The suits are in their original colors – red hearts and diamonds, and black clubs and spades. The special feature of this gold band is that it spins.  On top of the gold band is a diamond-encrusted heart.  As the gold band rotates, various suits alternately get featured within the diamond heart. Just like a game of poker, spinning the gold band and getting the suit inside the heart is a game of chance. When you spin the band, there is a chance that one suit gets inside the heart.  It is fun to see which suit is seen within the heart when the spinning stops.

All the materials used for this piece are guaranteed top-quality. The gold and diamonds were sourced from top industry suppliers.  This beautiful jewelry is brought to us by Alita Jewels, Ltd. This is part of the All-In Collection, with a vision of manufacturing high-class poker-inspired jewelry, especially handcrafted straight from a blueprint in their jewelry design center.

Alita Jewels LTD designs are protected by US and international patents.  It is manufactured using state-of-the-art processes by a professional team of experts. The clever concept behind this particular jewelry item is guaranteed to be a top seller.

The Fifth Real Diamond

The Fifth Real Diamond

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, with avid players flocking leading casinos.  Since the game of poker is very popular worldwide, it has spawned a number of side industries, especially for ardent and dedicated players. One item that poker fans value the most is poker themed jewelry, which has become an exclusive symbol of their love for the game.  Many players proudly wear their luxury jewelry as a badge of honor.

This uniquely-designed jewelry item is a perfect example of how the game of poker is beautifully translated into wearable art. The concept behind this unique jewelry piece stems from the fact that in poker, the fifth community card (River) always determines whether the player will win or not. In this specific design, the fifth winning card is a card with a suit of diamonds.  The flush, a poker hand containing five cards with the same suit, is shown in this jewelry. This is a diamond flush, and the fifth and winning card is symbolized in this piece by a beautiful, real, glowing 5 Carat diamond. This poker-themed jewelry piece uses top-quality, white clean diamonds which are set in 14K or 18K gold and platinum. This high-quality original jewelry perfectly matches the winning attitude of poker players. This piece is exclusively designed by talented craftsmen who have years of experience creating jewelry pieces.

Now players can show their love for the game of poker by donning specially crafted and uniquely designed jewelry items with a poker theme.  This innovative idea of combining jewelry with the love of poker is created at All in Collection by Alita Jewels Ltd.  Alita Jewels have been in the business of manufacturing diamonds and designing jewelry for 35 years. All in Collection is a specially designed combination of the love of poker and exquisite diamonds and gemstones.

A Different Chip

A Different Chip


A pendant that on its own is so stunning that it turns every player’s head. Ingeniously designed that its super–safety lock can be easily released to turn this magnificent jewel into the ultimate diamond poker chip.

Available in different models each set with diamonds but all produce a chip in the official size with a beauty and value that when placed on the table will be the dream of all to win the hand.

The gold and diamonds in this jewel gives an extra bonus when used as a cardholder that can only make you leader of the deck.